Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The battle is upon us

One day last week, while Shaina was in the hospital, we had a talk about her status on the transplant list. The mood was somber.

Unfortunately, because of all the recent complications and the fact that her liver is no longer processing her medications like it should, her liver is far more damaged than her labs reflect. Because her labs are not high, her MELD score is not high, meaning she is very low on the transplant waiting list. If we wait for her labs to raise her to a higher position on the list, she will be too sick to undergo the actual transplant surgery. Believing that Shaina is the strongest now that she will be, her doctors want to get her transplanted as soon as possible, while she has the best fighting chance to survive the surgery and the inevitable complications that will follow.

The plan is to clear Shaina’s body of the infections she is currently fighting, and then immediately begin the search for a new liver. This means the transplant will take place much sooner than anyone anticipated. As her family, it will be difficult to put her in an extremely dangerous situation when she doesn’t seem as sick as she has been before previous transplants, but we are confident in her doctors’ decision that now is the time to move forward.

Shaina feels very fortunate that she has been given the chance to receive a fourth liver transplant. Most doctors would not attempt such a technically and clinically complicated surgery. But with the best doctors in the country behind her, and with her strong will to survive, Shaina is ready to fight this last fight.

Shaina is out of the hospital now, taking her antibiotics and fighting the infection from home. We should know in the next week or so if the infection is gone. I will continue updating this blog to keep everyone informed of her status. Shaina is helping me write many of the posts, and she encourages you to comment here and ask any questions that you may have. It’s going to be a tough fight, the toughest one yet, and Shaina needs everyone’s love and support to make it through the days ahead.


  1. Thanks for the updates.Love you Girl! Give em Hell!!

  2. This has been extremely insightful - in medical terms, from a healthcare point of view, and of course, from the perspective of women my age. Writing is such a beautiful outlet and I am glad you have this one. Here in support and love, Jen.

  3. Stay strong sweet girl. The Esquivels and the Scotts are praying for you and standing with you through this battle. You are strong and brave and I know if Daniel were here, he would be encouraging you and believing for you too. Much love.